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Our Story

Hey, I’m Michael, founder of Kynd, a Burleigh Heads local and Grandson to a truly inspiring 91 year old Nanna, who thrives because she’s happy at home. Last year, I had more interaction with Australia’s ‘care’ industry. Mum fell and broke both knee caps. My sister injured her elbow and Nanna needed more basic support at home.

Organising ‘care’, for all ages and abilities is tough. While there’s amazing people about, the headlines and human stories show we’ve got a broken ecosystem. It’s chaotic, costly and complex. It shouldn’t be. It can’t… because we’ve got an ageing population, increasing health issues and more people living with everyday human challenges. Costs have skyrocketed. Inefficiency is rampant. Dollars are wasted.

But it’s not about “society”. It’s about people. One day you, one day me and all of our families. Kynd is for people like Joan from Brisbane, whose Agency sends a new Carer every week and Matt from Sydney, who is billed at 250% of his hourly rate. It’s for Ashley from Adelaide who suffered from neglect, theft and red tape. This is for Linda from Cairns, who never chased her dreams, as she cares for her father.

Kynd is about your care, your way. Flexible, simple, personalised help. ‘Care’ must change and we’re redesigning the future. Your support sincerely matters, as we’re a community, powered by people. Together, we can create change. We’re empowering humanity to genuinely care, inspiring kindness and helping locals care for locals…

… because we believe that’s a vision worth fighting for. Thanks for being Kynd.



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Kynd is empowering humanity to genuinely care, inspiring surprise acts of kindness and helping locals care for locals

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Happy carers, better care! Find people, not providers. Help your community connect. Carers earn more, yet you will spend less!

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  • When Carer's have better conditions, it means they can focus on giving the care and love needed to brighten someone's day.


  • Kynd has created a safer and more convenient way for locals to help each other - with a simple app to find carers for anyone.