Home Carers: The True Unsung Heroes

Home Carers: The True Unsung Heroes
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Home Carers: The True Unsung Heroes

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Carers have many different scenarios. Some help their loved ones freely, adjusting their whole life for them and some do it as a career.

Some focus on children, while some love aged care and some are focused on the disabled. Each personal in-home care scenario is different, treatments and medications change, and so does the home care ‘heroes’ role. But they all share a mission, to care for a person who truly needs help or aid – whether for the short or long term.

These talented Carers manage a lot of responsibility. This requires them to have multi-tasking skills. These home care heroes provide a tone of consideration and understanding to other family members. The job is exhausting, stressful and frustrating, but it’s also very rewarding.

At the end of the day, these amazing Carers are unsung heroes.

Imagine if your loved one couldn’t walk, go to the bathroom or take medicine on their own and you don’t know what to do and you’re off to work to pay the bills. You need to find the right Carer and rely on them.

They would take care of things – many things where you may not have experience i.e. help with transferring in and out of bed, help with daily chores, meal times, physical therapy, or other basic care processes.

Some personal Carers do many small jobs and tasks in their shifts, but if you add it all up together it can be pretty overwhelming!

Lots of research shows that personal home Carers who give aid to a person with disabling or chronic conditions are often also in danger.

Physical, mental and emotional issues crop up from intricate home care giving activities and also stress, from providing aid for the fragile and handicapped person. But even with all of this on their shoulders, they still manage to give top care to their clients, making sure that they are there every step of the way to help their clients every day.

Being a professional Carer can sometimes be exhausting, with little to no support. Yet they continue to give our loved ones needed help.

Some Carers are even suffering from poor health and living conditions, but being an unsung hero, they do their jobs, showing love and aid for their clients each chance they get. Carers, you deserve our recognition.

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  1. Charlotte Jack 2 years ago

    Love this article. It opened my eyes to the reality of care givers in our country.

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