Home Care Packages: Value for Money?

Home Care Packages: Value for Money?
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Home Care Packages: Value for Money?

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The Australian Government provides aging people with financial assistance to have the care they need to continue living freely and securely in their homes. This assistance is called the Home Care Package program. Recently in Australia, exciting changes occurred.

Still, how do you know you’re getting ‘value for money’?

Being aware of the cost of services (from the traditional government providers) helps you understand if you’re receiving value for money. You can compare quotes by providers to the hourly rates charged by highly skilled and suitable Carers available for choice on Kynd’s mobile app.

You have to know the details of the costing of all the aid or services a provider is offering. Inquire about the individualised cost of general support i.e. gardening, ironing, washing. Be particular about the cost of personal assistance i.e. eating, showering or using the toilet, or making meals. Your provider should also provide enumerated cost of nursing services as well as access to equipment. Find out the ‘total’ cost.

Aging at home in happiness, is the whole point of the changed Home Care Package program, so do not hesitate to express your opinion on what type of services and care a provider will be delivering to you.

If you have an existing provider, you can look around now and compare options. You can compare hundreds of Carers available with Kynd, to see if some talented, local individuals (and the price they charged) might better suit your needs. Imagine doubling the amount of care and support you receive, by finding a higher value solution.

Under Consumer Directed Care (a new government policy which allows the ‘user’ of the home care package more choice and control over how they use their funding), you can use innovative solutions (like Kynd) to find services and a Carers, more suitable for you. You can signup here.

Now back to basics…

A Home Care Package has four different levels of support and care.

The funding for each level is different. The amount is used (or should be used) to purchase services and hours of care for that individual.

The Australian government advises senior citizens to research the government home care providers in their corresponding local areas to, among other things, examine the costs which are related to their care. An important point is, what actual services does this person need?

Once understanding that, then you know what you need from a Carer.

The search begins..

By being diligent and smart with your home care package, by reviewing care or openly looking at and changing to the new search Kynd’s App offers, you will surely maximise benefits from a Home Care Package.


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