5 Websites for Entertainment at Home

5 Websites for Entertainment at Home
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5 Websites for Entertainment at Home

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We can’t rely on 1000-piece puzzles, a visit from the family or a friend calling all the time. Take, for example, home care entertainment using the world wide web. Intimidating? Maybe. But with diligence and a kind hearted, not to mention, patient person by our senior’s side we can help them find a whole new world of great entertainment awaits.

Most people in the 75+ group are late adopters to the online world of home care entertainment world compared to the younger generations, but they’re advancing very quickly according to newly released data.

Setup that internet signal. Let the home care entertainment begin!

Here are 5 awesome websites to help people have fun and connect:

1) NetFlix

It’s the #1 go-to home care entertainment option with a huge range of movies, TV series and documentaries. Most importantly, just click play once and everything sails through till the end. You may find your loved one gets engrossed in House of Cards, 24 or Prison Break – beware!

2) YouTube

Like Netflix, Youtube has endless and sometimes ridiculous content. The downside? You must be a more savvy typist and internet user, with shorter videos, advertising and distractions. The upside? A tonne of content, hilarious laugh inducing time waster videos, but still great documentaries – from world history to interesting facts and everything in between. This is a great option, especially if your Carer can help.

The more advanced might even do standup or in-chair training videos like yoga to promote physical activity, providing an opportunity to enhance vitality through movement. Just be sure to not overdo it!

3) Facebook

Okay, so this home care entertainment option may be pretty daunting – rightly so. But there’s a trick. If a family member helps setup a profile (but lock it down for privacy and not accepting strange friend requests) you can simplify everything by creating per-person in-caps browser buttons… like FRANK FACEBOOK, LAUREN FACEBOOK. Your loved one can then click to see profiles. Why bother? The sense of connection they’ll gain to daily family life is helpful. It keeps the mind active.

4) Spotify

This ‘whatever you want’ music service is another one for advanced players. But you can setup playlists just once of music from your loved ones genre, taste and earlier decades – and help the memories of the good old days flood back. Go for the free version (with a few ads) or upgrade for ad-free listening. It’s a great home care entertainment option – their favourite songs and noise to help enjoy their day.

5) Skype

Another ‘advanced’ option. In terms of home care entertainment though, there’s nothing more satisfying than connecting visually, face to face, with your friends and family. You might need a few extra tutorials for this. You can create short-cuts, change visual font sizes and have one-click dialling and answering, so your loved one can easily see you. Imagine seeing the grandkids or great grandkids more regularly.

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The online home care entertainment world can provide many options for our elderlies, we must also keep in mind that teaching them how do it, use it, and the parameters of using it are also essential.

The internet is a boundless source of home care entertainment. A lot of times, that’s what our elderlies need to amuse themselves. Online home care entertainment applications that can give access to puzzles, or brain teasers. Also, there are sites like YouTube that provides loads of videos, not to mention the clips that will make you giggle.

Loneliness or boredom can cause ill health for older people. It can cause lack of interest in taking care of themselves and poor eating habits which can lead to malnutrition.

Providing our senior citizens with stimulating activities like online home care entertainment is a critical part of improving their quality of life. Studies show that internet usage among the elderly has increased over the years, with many of them  active on social media like Facebook.

In addition, it has been reported that the internet can create a positive impact on essential areas of life i.e. social connections, self-fulfilment.

For our seniors, existence sometimes is a feeling of confinement because of being separated from friends and family. Using online home care entertainment options is an excellent way to quickly make them feel fulfilled. Creating an environment for them thru the internet where they can watch, listen, and learn new and exciting things which can also relieve stress and can build a calm and productive atmosphere.

There’s reason to believe that home care entertainment is playing a larger role in informing, connecting, and entertaining our seniors. By introducing them to the home care entertainment, we are helping them feel more accomplished, entertained, and connected to the world.


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