6.1.4 Carer Photos

Your Carer Profile Photo

It’s your first impression and an important one! You’ll need the right profile photo to help encourage individuals and families to enquire and request you. Here’s what you will need:

– A ‘high resolution’ photo (no blurry images)
– Face looking at camera and not overly tilted
– A smiling, happy, friendly, welcoming photo
– Colour (not black or white, or other tinting)
– Ideally, already a square photo to save time

– Only show your face – neck – shoulder areas
– Face centred, with some space around faces
– No marks, sun blockages or ‘red eye’ issues
– No sunglasses or hats – must see your face 😉
– Only you within the photo (no others, sorry)

If you don’t have a square photo, still send your best photos and we’ll crop it for you.


‘Yes’ Examples:

✔ great example

✔ great example

✔ great example

✔ great example


‘No’ Examples:

otherwise good, but black and white

wearing sunglasses. can't see face

photo taken on vertical angle

other people in the photo

head tilting away from center

not smiling in the photo

blurry photo. needs higher-resolution

no neck or space around head