What is Consumer Directed Home Care?

What is Consumer Directed Home Care?
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What is Consumer Directed Home Care?

consumer directed care

No matter what product or service you’re ‘consuming’, surely you’d like choice and control over what you receive? Across Australia, tens of thousands of individuals rely on their Australian Government Home Care Package, to help fund their in-home care needs and coordinate everything.

But until now, they’ve haven’t had a choice. They haven’t had a voice.

For a long time, these recipients, or ‘consumers’, simply lacked choice and control around their home care package services. They were allocated a Provider who delivered their care, without consultation. Naturally, they had no choice on the actual Carers who visited and limited say in how services were delivered.

With Consumer Directed Care (CDC), things have changed…. and for the better! Individuals and families are now playing a key role in helping shape the care they, or their loved one needs.

People with a Home Care Package can now have choice and control. They can consider different providers, help decide the services they need and even request the Carer/s they want to have. Not only does this help make their home care funding go further (ie. more hours and bang for their buck), but importantly, it creates much higher satisfaction for people receiving care, as their in the drivers seat.


You can even ask your Provider (the organisation that administers a home care package) to use one or more of the great, local Carers from Kynd. With our personalised matching and other benefits, you can find the exact right Carer for you. It also helps avoid lots of the high ‘overhead’ costs your Provider may price-in to your package.

So ultimately… CDC is a great initiative which starts to redefine how home care in Australia is delivered. For consumers using a home care package (versus using private services), they’re the captain of their own ship.

MyAgedCare says…

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a model of service delivery designed to give more choice and flexibility to consumers. Consumers who receive a Home Care Package will have more control over the types of care and services they access and the delivery of those services, including who delivers the services and when.

Ultimately, you’re in control. It’s your choice…

With the introduction of Consumer Directed Care, Government Home Care Providers now work within CDC principles and have to offer their consumers:

  • more choice and flexibility
  • support to access relevant information and make informed decisions on the care that is best for them
  • a partnership approach and better-quality participation
  • wellness and reablement, and
  • greater transparency.

CDC is an approach to the planning and management of care, which allows consumers and carers more power to influence the design and delivery of the services they receive, and allows them to exercise a greater degree of choice in what services are delivered, where and when they are delivered.







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