More Ageing Aussies are Using Mobiles

More Ageing Aussies are Using Mobiles
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More Ageing Aussies are Using Mobiles

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The never-ending advances in technology can improve lives and make us more independent. The technical proficiency of ageing Aussies has been acknowledged by the Australian Government. We all want to feel connected to life, family, information and opportunity. Tech does that.

Research shows that the government has dedicated a $50 million contribution to make sure that ageing Aussies will be adept with the ability and know-how to advance their awareness about the digital world which will, in turn, allow them to engage in the modern world.

Studies show the number of ageing Australians with mobiles are increasing. Some are very savvy and many use apps every day.

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Senior Aussies have accepted the fact that mobile phone are a critical thing in life. Through mobile phones, they can have access to, not only instant connection to their friends and family, but also can provide entertainment i.e. listen to music or audio books, reading, and videos.

Mobiles can also be used by family members as a safety device to aid or urgently assist their loved ones. Ageing Aussies with mobile phones, studies have shown, are using the internet to access government and private services, like health and medical information online.

Though research shows that some are not interested in using mobiles due to missing skills and not knowing what it is, ageing Aussies still manage to learn and understand that mobile phones are one of the most important tools nowadays. They’re embracing a mobile phone life.

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While their level of online engagement is lower when contrasted with other younger generations, by far most of ageing Aussies are taking an interest in having mobile phones. It’s grown more in recent years.

Findings have shown that ageing Aussies with mobile phones also use communication apps such as Facebook Messenger, and especially Skype to stay connected with friends and family. It was estimated that half a million ageing Aussies with mobile phone access communication apps to make a video or phone calls, and of course, send messages.

It’s amazing how habits change. We all want to feel connected…


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